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Inside baseball

New debate on Blogs, the press and the future of journalism thanks to the opening of the blog of Dan Gillmor, the guru of "We, the Media".

He left the San Jose Mercury News to embark on the modern adventure of citizen journalism.He posts his last paper column, emotional sequence, and by the way, returns some elevators

- "And thank you again to Stuart, one of my heroes of the blogosphere, for having such nice words on my book" ..

In his book (We the media, did I tell you?), Dan Gillmor formulated this brilliant idea:

- My readers know more than I do

It's not a scoop, you would say.Before blogs and conversational journalism, reporters already received letters from (ulcerated) readers.The difference was that we had plenty of time to answer:

- Sir and dear reader ...

We can't get enough of this blog/newspaper comparison.But something is missing, right?

We never talk about writing; we would think that everyone can do anything.

But knowing how to tell is like knowing how to draw, right? Blog or paper, it will remain a profession.

Now that I know it's grassroot journalism and not cronyism, I feel better thanking everyone too.

A big thank you to Stéphane Mazzorato (from Le Monde), for having overcome the Bug of 2005 which had slipped into our machines.The rates are hellish at we were installed 53 weeks in 2004!

Posted Date: 2020-07-01

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